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So many choices and not enough time, am I right? That’s what I feel like when I’m shopping for a golf bag. I usually just end up sticking with the same brand, new model, only to go play with someone using a bag that has features I didn’t know existed.

Everyone seem to have a stand-bag these days whether they walk or ride. The convenience of being able to stand your bag up without having to go through the painful balancing act is somehow extremely gratifying. They are also way, way easier to travel with and if your going to take a caddie somewhere your won’t get their dreaded death stare when they realize your’re one of those horrible stains on humanity that doesn’t own a stand-bag.

Anyway, I say all that, because while this post is about top rated golf bags, we do focus on those in the “carry” category since anyone can find them functional. We’ll take a look at the top five, in no particular order, on the market right now.


Sun Mountain has always been know for their superior rain gear (except for maybe the 2010 US Ryder Cup Team, but they may not have been their fault, right Mrs. Pavin?). They have taken that technology into their golf bags now. Using the same material as their rain gears outer-layer with sealed seems and zippers they have made this carry-bag waterproof. This newer lighter weight version also has an expanded woods section.


These guys came out with the first all waterproof bag several years ago and continue to manufacture and improve on the original. They have been focusing on what they call smart comfort with ergonomic straps and easy access range finder pocket (goodness knows we lose those things more often than not. They have reduced the weight and add additional strap padding. This continues to be my go to bag of choice.


A classic for the last 20 years. This bag now includes 12 pockets, easy-slide shoulder straps and a very spacious top. Included is a cart strap channel so riders can continue to access al the side pockets. This bag also includes an attached deployable rain hood for additional convenience but does not get in your way if your’re not using it. The new front-adjusting shoulder pads allow your to adjust while carrying the bag, which is awesome, because I hate changing the straps, putting it back on, changing them again an again until I get it right.


Callaway has constructed a top that is 20% larger than previous models to ease the pain of removing and replacing clubs that get stuck going in and out. That has often been the biggest headache with carry-bags. Included are self-balancing straps for constant equalized weight distribution and a quick-grab cell phone pockets. Which is great, because we just can’t put those phones down these days.


The world renowned luggage maker is adding their backpack functionality to their golf bags. The straps are ergonomically curved and padded for maximum comfort utilizing a rotating disc system. The bag does feature several quick access pockets as well. A few features that I think separate this bag are the removable ball pocket. What to travel with a dozen balls but only take six on the course? Perfect, get rid of that extra weight. There is also a retention loop for your alignment sticks that separates them from your clubs. Mine constantly get in the way when I’m playing.

I hope the info on these five top rated golf bags assist in your search. I know my research on these bags opened my eyes to some really cool new industry features.

Please feel free to share your experience with these bags or any others in the comments section below. The community loves the feedback!

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