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Is it me, or has the golf ball market become increasingly over saturated with choices? Tour balls, distance balls, soft distance balls, etc, etc. It’s difficult enough to keep all the terminology straight, so how in the heck can you choose the right ball for your game?

As I always tend to do, because I actually like doing it, I jumped into some research. Since I was doing the research I certainly wanted to share with our community. I’ll be going through the four brands that represent most of what is being played on the PGA TOUR. When I say that, I mean the brands, the actual balls being played on TOUR are probably different for every player.

In the edition we’ll focus on Titleist golf balls.

First order of business though is to provide a guide so we can understand which of the 6 categories each ball fits into. Check out the chart!

Pro V1X

Type – Tour X

Constructed For – Players who want a tour caliber performance. The X as they call it is best if you want a high-trajectory and spin while maintaining precise control around the greens. This is the highest flying, most spinning and firmest of Titleist’s Tour models.

Highlights – The 2019 version boasts a 17% thinner cover for more feel around the greens. Also has a new larger casing layer for those of us always chasing speed. Available in white and yellow.

Pro V1

Type – Tour

Constructed For – Again, Tour caliber performance but with a medium trajectory and spin rate. The Pro V1 falls between the Pro V1X and AVX (discussed later) in terms of feel spin and trajectory.

Highlights – This 2019 version also boasts a 17% thinner cover for more feel around the greens. The biggest difference in this ball is the very low long-game spin rate. Available in white and yellow.

DT Tru Soft

Type – Soft Distance

Constructed For – If you want max distance with a bit of a softer feel this one’s for you. Gives a very low-spin flight with a little bit better feel around the greens.

Highlights – New for 2019 is the TruTouch Core and TruFlex Cover. That combo provides advanced aerodynamics with a softer feel than previous models.


Type – Tour

Constructed For – This one does provide Tour caliber performance with a more penetrating trajectory. It is the lowest trajectory ball of Titleist’s Tour models. A much softer feel than the DT.

Highlights – High-speed, low-compression core. Titleist’s proprietary GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover adds to outstanding green side control. Also a new dimple design for 2019. Available in white and yellow.

Tour Soft

Type – Soft Distance

Constructed For – High ball speed and distance with a softer feel in the short game.

Highlights – Features the largest Titleist core ever manufactured. Has a very thin 4CE grafted cover that provides the additional feel for what is really a distance ball. Also has a new 342 spherical dimple patter. Available in white and yellow.


Type – Straight Distance

Constructed For – High ball flight and max distance throughout the bag. Not great around the greens but better than previous models.

Highlights – The new LSX core is good for improved initial velocity (hence the name right). This creates more distance on all full swings. A new cover ensures faster ball speeds with less long game spin. Available in white, visi-white, orange and pink.

So Many Choices

So there’s your Titleist golf balls. Six choices and just one manufacturer. All with slight differences. Hopefully this info is a good resource to start your golf ball search. We would be very interested in any opinions on any or each of these golf balls.

As always, before you buy, The Geek’s recommendation is to consult your local PGA Professional or expert Club Fitter. Will check in soon and summarize the Callaway line of golf balls.

The Doctor Is Out…

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  1. Regarding the best ball for your game. My putting coach Larry thought it was all about the color of the ball and has me using red balls? Not part of your research and you gave me good advice so thanks.

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