TaylorMade Golf Balls – Narrowing It Down

Edition three of our deep dive into golf ball options is here. We chilled out a little on this one with only four choices. To check out our previous posts and golf ball choices check out:

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TaylorMade has taken the approach to simplify choices a little more that the other manufacturers. Their choices are solid but limited. It’s also interesting to me that some of their staffers on TOUR don’t play the TaylorMade golf balls (i.e. Tiger Woods plays Bridgestone).

We’ll continue to provide this chart below as a guide to each category of golf ball we review.


Type – Tour

Constructed For – Players who want TOUR-caliber performance with a lower launch off the tee but superior wedge spin, i.e., stuff that helps you shoot lower scores.

Highlights – Four part TaylorMade proprietary Speed-Layer construction for higher ball speed. Get max carry with the Tri-Fast Core. Also has the Dual-Spin cover made of very soft urethane. Available in white and TaylorMade’s new Pix Graphics (some silly looking, IMO, fireworks design).


Type – Tour X

Constructed For – TOUR caliber performance but with a higher ball flight than the TP5. Still maintains good spin around the greens.

Highlights – Uses the technologies above, Speed-Layer construction, Tri-Fast Core, Dual-Spin Cover and High-Flex material for a greater rebound effect off the club face. Available in white and that silly Pix Graphics thing.

Project (a)

Type – Tour Value

Constructed For – Get the benefits of a TOUR ball (distance, feel, spin) with a urethane cover instead of an ionomer cover without paying a premium. Make no mistake though, you get what you pay for, the TOUR benefits are not the same with this ball as they are with the TP series.

Highlights – Softer at its center with a Dual-Distance Core (notice distance, not control). This ball does have a stiffer outer layer for higher ball speed and rebound speed but gives up some feel around the greens because of that. Does have the same 322 LDP dimple pattern as the TP5s. Available in white and yellow.

Project (s)

Type – Soft Distance

Constructed For – Players who want maximum distance and low driver spin (for launch or mishits).

Highlights – Softer Dual-Distance Core for less spin off the tee with a firmer outer core for increased speed (i.e. less feel). This ball more durable ionomer cover and a 342 LDP dimple pattern for less drag and more distance. Available in white, matte red, matte yellow and matte orange.

We’re Getting There

So that sums up the TaylorMade golf balls. Only four choices makes their product a unique in that choices are a little easier. I still don’t think any of this is simple as we have now reached 17 ball choices among the three manufacturers we have reviewed. As I mentioned last time, we’ll cover the four manufactures and then add one more post that breaks down pros and cons of each golf ball.

My standard disclaimer…

As always, before you buy, The Geek’s recommendation is to consult your local PGA Professional or expert Club Fitter. Will check in soon for our final review with the Bridgestone golf balls.

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