New Golf Gadgets – 2019’s 5 Best

Technology has become an increasingly important factor in getting the most out of your golf game. It certainly helps you score better and have more fun which is what we are really into this for. I remember when the first golf GPS systems came out, we could see the yardage to the front, middle and back of the green. Wow, that was so cool wasn’t it?

The came rangefinders and watches and apps on your smartphone. Simulators started to pop up but they weren’t great. We listen to music on the golf course down (quietly of course) and we HAVE to know our ball speed and spin rate right?

So along comes TrackMan and well, it’s like $25k so only private clubs and teachers and club fitters can afford them. Welcome to 2019 where that technology and all technology related to golf has become accessible and affordable to the everyday golfer.

The following is a quick summary of what we at My Golf Geek have pegged as the top 5 new golf gadgets in 2019.

*Prices may vary depending on retailer and are subject to change.


Rapsodo cut their teeth with swing tracking monitors that nearly every MLB team uses. Pitchers and hitters have both seen improvement using the tool. Rapsodo has combined their baseball device tech with tech similar to the SkyTrack launch monitor.

The MLM measures:

  • Ball Velocity
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Trajectory Height
  • Distance

One more really cool feature is that the video portion offers a “Top-Tracer” like tracking line so you can match your swing with a visual tracer. The MLM syncs directly to your smartphone to collect and store club and ball data as well as video analysis. So next time you’re working on your pro traj use this baby.

GOLFBUDDY – AIM W10 – $250

With a full color touch-screen display, yardage slope adjustment and more, this is GolfBuddy’s most advanced GPS watch.


  • 1.3″ LCD full color screen
  • Zoom in/out functioanlity
  • In-depth hole view with dual arc distances
  • Green Undulation (where available)
  • Slope-adjusted yardages (where available)
  • Digital scorecard
  • 40,000 pre-loaded courses
  • Up to 13-hour battery life

Download the app from iOS or Android and you’re ready to go.


I mentioned music earlier, used to hate it on the golf course but it’s grown on me. This makes it easier to listen to music without carrying around another speaker or get crappy quality from your phone. Use when you walk or ride, the speaker is always there.


  • Ergonomic pre-molded strap allows you to balance your bag without a bulky dual strap system.
  • 2-point adjustable connection that fits stand or cart bags.
  • Integrated wireless speaker with Bluetooth capability.

Strap it on and go, whether you’re riding or walking it makes music listening on the golf course seamless.


Bushnell has long been regarded by Pros and Amateurs alike as the best range finder on the market. They just blew the ceiling off of the range finder tech with this new model. I personally think this thing gives you too much to think about, but it is feature rich and head of class.


  • Slope with Elements – temperature and barometric pressure have been added to their already trusted Slope Technology.
  • Jolt Technology – this has been in past models, but now a red ring flashes along with the vibration.
  • Magnification – the only 7x magnifying range finder on the market.
  • Bite Magnet Cart Mount – I’m sure you’ve seen or used some type of Velcro enclosed magnet to secure your range finder to your cart frame. This model has the Bite Magnet system built right in.

I’ll be transparent here cause that’s what we do. I played with a buddy this past weekend who has this range finder and it didn’t seem to make a bit of difference. My advice would be to let them work out the kinks in this model and upgrade next time around. Really cool feature set is obviously still a big plus.


Voice Caddie has had launch monitors on the market for some time. This new version offers a robust data set and you don’t have to stop a study the device, it actually announces your shot data.


  • Measures
    • Carry/Total Distance
    • Smash Factor
    • Launch Angle
    • Swing Speed
    • Ball Speed
    • Apex
  • Doppler Radar Technology (outdoor use only)
  • Voice Output
  • iOS and Android App – spin data only available thru app

You won’t get anything too advanced here, but Voice Caddie nails the basics.

It’s great to see technology in golf become more affordable and accessible to the every day and/or weekend golfer. There is a ton of cool stuff out there and we’ll probably revisit this at a later time. If you have any feedback on new golf gadgets that you’ve and think are cool please feel free to comment below. Thanks for tuning in!

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