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The climax of the 2018-2019 PGA TOUR Season has arrived. The TOUR Championship will be contested at it’s traditional East Lake Golf Club venue in Atlanta, GA. However, the scoring will be anything but traditional as players will start at different totals under par determined by their FEC Ranking. And for the first time, the winner of the tournament and the winner of the FedExCup are guaranteed to be the same player.

East Lake is a par 70 layout tipping out at 7,346 yards. Strokes Gained: Tee to Green and Strokes Gained: Putting have proven to determine much of the success here.

If you’re reading this I have to assume you know about the NBC Predictor. It’s free fantasy golf that still gives you the chance to win cash weekly. If you haven’t signed up or what more info just click here.

Please take note, as previously mentioned, of the unique scoring format for The TOUR Championship. Points in this week’s contest will be awarded using the same format as The TOUR Championship. Please refer to this guide as well as player starting scores on Thursday morning.

In this edition we will review the key statistics for success at East Lake G.C. as well as taking a detailed look into each match up.

Key Stats

  • Sagarin Rankings courtesy of Golfweek (SR)
  • Strokes Gained: Tee to Green (SGT2G)
  • Par 4 Scoring Average (Par 4 Sco)
  • Ball Striking (BS)
  • Strokes Gained: Putting (SGP)

Sagarin Rankings Explained:

  • Power Rating – This is NOT a stroke average. This is a measure of a player statistically against all other players in the database.
  • Schedule Strength – The average strength of the field in each event the player has played.
  • Schedule Rank – The rank of the players scheduled compared to all players in the database.
  • Records – A player’s record based on all players in a competition. For example, if a field is 156 players, the winner would be 155-0-0, solo 2nd place, 154-1-0 and so on.

This ranking system is based on players vs. other players in the same field. Click here to learn more about the Sagarin Rankings.

Player Matchups

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 7 SR 1
Par 4 Sco 5 Par 4 Sco 1
BS 23 BS 65
SGP 139 SGP 14
Total 176 Total 84
Avg 35.2 Avg 16.8

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 9 SR 2
SGT2G 11 SGT2G 1
Par 4 Sco 1 Par 4 Sco 5
BS 6 BS 19
SGP 51 SGP 25
Total 78 Total 52
Avg 15.6 Avg 10.4

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 19 SR 6
SGT2G 36 SGT2G 10
Par 4 Sco 11 Par 4 Sco 1
BS 110 BS 9
SGP 41 SGP 27
Total 217 Total 53
Avg 43.4 Avg 10.6

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 25 SR 4
SGT2G 15 SGT2G 6
Par 4 Sco 26 Par 4 Sco 11
BS 7 BS 67
SGP 126 SGP 53
Total 199 Total 141
Avg 39.8 Avg 28.2

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 8 SR 11
SGT2G 28 SGT2G 40
Par 4 Sco 26 Par 4 Sco 7
BS 97 BS 32
SGP 7 SGP 18
Total 166 Total 108
Avg 33.2 Avg 21.6

Stat Rank Stat Rank
SR 23 SR 10
SGT2G 39 SGT2G 17
Par 4 Sco 60 Par 4 Sco 44
BS 63 BS 14
SGP 32 SGP 97
Total 217 Total 182
Avg 43.4 Avg 36.4

This Week’s Picks

Play NBC Predictor every week. It costs nothing and gives you a reason to follow the tourney. There is also a Sunday only competition that activates after Saturday’s results are official. The information provided is a guideline for what can be expected on an even playing field. Of course there are other variables that need to be intuitively accounted for. This week just might be the perfect example with having to take the staggered scoring start into account.

So without further ado, on with the show!

The Doctor is OUT…

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