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This week we continue our deep dive into the four major golf ball manufacturers. Last week we reviewed Titleist’s choices. They had six. This week we’ll take a look at Callaway golf balls and they have seven choices.

Just like last time we’ll break each ball out into a specific category. Use this chart to help understand exactly what each category represents.

Chrome Soft X

Type – Tour X

Constructed For – Players who desire a penetrating ball flight and TOUR distance while maintaining a soft feel around the greens.

Highlights – Core is dual infused with Graphene for more ball speed and consequently more distance. This feature also adds additional control with short and mid-irons. The ultra-soft urethane cover is what provides the soft feel around the greens. Available in white, yellow, Truvis (that goofy soccer ball pattern and Triple Track (the putting alignment aid on the ball).


Type – Straight Distance

Constructed For – Players who want maximum distance and additional carry with a slight reduction in feel around the greens.

Highlights – Designed for low drag and optimal lift off the club face. This ball does have a three-piece construction but with a softer cover than previous models so there are some improvements around the green. Available in standard white and bold. Also available in matte colors; green, red, yellow and orange.


Type – Pure Distance

Constructed For – For hitting the longest, highest shots possible. The obvious detractor is poor feel around and on the greens.

Highlights – New, extra-large high-energy core for more distance at any swing speed. Thin ionomer cover slightly improves feel. Available in white and yellow.

Chrome Soft

Type – Tour

Constructed For – This ball is urethane covered for a low-spin launch and more forgiveness on mishits. Also gives you premium green side performance.

Highlights – Another Graphene infused dual core ball from Callaway. Also has soft compression for better feel on long and mid-iron shots. Ultra-soft urethane cover for short game enhancements. Available in white and yellow and four Truvis options.


Type – Soft Distance

Constructed For – For players who desire low spin (more forgiveness) while also achieving max distance. This probably their most forgiving distance ball.

Highlights – Callaway’s Hex Aerodynamics provides for lower spin and higher, longer ball flight. This is a low compression ball for more spin around the green. Available in white, yellow and four matte options (green, orange, red and pink)

ERC Soft

Type – Soft Distance

Constructed For – Maximum distance with enhanced green side feel. Great combo for distance and control.

Highlights – Multimaterial cover for higher ball speeds. High spin rates around the greens. Made with Callaway’s largest Dual SoftFast Core for maximum energy transfer at impact. Includes the Triple Track alignment aid. Available in white and yellow.

Strata Eagle

Type – Pure Distance

Constructed For – A value ball for players wanting a high ball flight and max distance. I think we might be getting too far into the weeds with this one.

Highlights – Two-piece design for high ball flight and max distance. That means very little control on and around the greens.

More and More Choices

That’s it for the Callaway golf balls. Seven more choices for you, so that’s 13 total in our two posts. It’s a bit frustrating to me that these manufactures do not really like to spell out benefits and disadvantages of each ball. We are going to try to do that in a summary post after we reviewed all four manufacturers. So don’t fret, we’ll clean all of this up for you in due time.

My standard disclaimer…

As always, before you buy, The Geek’s recommendation is to consult your local PGA Professional or expert Club Fitter. Will check in soon and summarize the TaylorMade line of golf balls.

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