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Hello friends and welcome to My Golf Geek website. I wanted to create a site and content where all golf nuts could get their fix. No matter what you are after the vision is to have it here. Read equipment reviews? Apparel reviews? Struggling with your bunker play? Planning a golf vacation? Find the solutions and more here!

Our focus as we get started will be in four areas.  Equipment, apparel, instruction and travel.  As we grow we will continue to add additional content and we want you, our community to tell us what you are interested in.

A Little Story About My Golf Life

I have been around the great game of golf for as long as I can remember. Like many of us it was my dad who introduced me to the game (he always made me walk while he took a cart :)). I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and worked in the golf industry there for ten years. The unfortunate thing was that you could only play golf about eight months of the year.

When I had the opportunity to move south for work, I took it and made my way to Atlanta, GA. I can now play year round and that has only added to my passion for the game. I have found that if you can make it through a four-hour round of golf with someone you have probably made a friend, or business associate for a long time.

It is my passion for the game and everything about the game that inspired me to create this website. Why not spend time writing about what you love and learning more about your passion while you do it.

The Game is Changing

There is so much content on the web about golf. Social Media, manufacturer sites, the big online retailers, training videos. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. The question I always ask my self is “Why do I have to go to all of those different websites?” I’d rather have one place for All the golf content, wouldn’t you?

The technology is changing to, custom fittings, Trackman, strokes gained stats. So let’s combine all that technology and information with the power of the internet. Come check us out and see reviews and product information about the new Titleist driver, oh, and while you’re at it here, right on this same site, see a list of PGA Tour players who play that driver. See where you can go get a custom fitting for that driver, where you can get the best price and maybe even what your ideal Trackman numbers should be so you’re prepared when you go to see your club fitter.

Planning a golf trip?  Check us out for reviews, deals, advice and more.

I can also promise you will be entertained. There are an enormous amount of characters in the game of golf past and present. We will tell their stories as well. So take a break from your apparel research and have yourself a good laugh. All on the same website!

Have Fun, Save Time and Grow the Game the Right Way

Look, if you’re not on one of the seven professional tours, then you play golf for fun. I know I do. I want everyone to enjoy the game, play and look their best and feel their best. Join us here at My Golf Geek and help grow the community. Look forward to entertaining and informing golf geeks everywhere.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you please post your comment(s) below.

All the best,

Doc Mulligan

Founder of mygolfgeek.com

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